Vince Briffa – Between Ash and Dust series III

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BETWEEN ASH AND DUST speak of implausible distances and detached spaces splitting up such evasive elements as smoke and sky. They are as much about the process of drawing/painting as they are about the current war imagery of destruction taken from tabloids or television. These metaphoric memorials sway unclearly between human intervention and natural phenomena and embody an act of restitution through the same material they are made of (charcoal being fire’s residue), a destructive force embalmed through its very remains.

ONLINE BOOK “Bejn Sħab u Duħħan” (Between Smoke and Clouds) by Prof. Vince Briffa and Prof. Michael Zammit,  about the exhibited series (and other work shown in the Terrain Vague exhibition 2011, St. James Cavalier): (

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Dimensions 91.5 × 122 cm


charcoal and mixed media on prepared wood