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About the artist

Harrison Levi hails from South Africa, by way of England (where he lived for nearly two decades). He currently resides on Gozo, but it’s really the cross-pollination of the profuse and fecund ecosystems of Johannesburg & London that inform his work.

He has always had a fascination with the classic science fiction scenario of humans versus robots at the nadir of the apocalypse, which he has always understood to mean the clash of heart versus head, emotion versus intellect, feminine versus masculine, humanity versus technology.. and this has always been the crux of his work, bursting with provocative colours and his penchant for symbols, as he wanders through a landscape littered with memories and regrets, and a melancholic hope for something better.

The biggest impact on his artwork was made by Cy Twombly, Paula Rego, Philip Guston, Fernando Pessoa, Clarise Lispector, Curtis Mayfield, George Clinton, and Tom Waits.