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About the artist

Jane is hugely influenced by nature, and the organic shapes found within, particularly the ebb and flow of water and the textures created throughout its journey.  Her extensive travels have meant that she has been fortunate to be based within the sight of the sea on many continents: from the sunny shores of California to the golden coast of Sharjah, UAE and now after many years of Lakeland life in the North of England, the tiny rugged island of Gozo, Malta is to be called home.

Having studied at the American college for Art and Design in Los Angeles and following a career in fashion and decor, Jane now feels that being mainly self-taught in ceramics over the years frees her from the traditional constraints of formal processes. This freedom allows her to explore techniques uninhibited by preconception and brave the unknown without limitations just excitement for what may successfully be achieved.  She constantly experiments with mixed clay bodies, forms, glazes and oxides and strives for a unique shape or unusual combination of finish.  Jane’s work is mainly sculptural and decorative although some of her vessels may be used a functional ware.