Jane Birchall – The Three

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Category: Ceramics


Metaphorical representation of Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Beginning at the base we have Gozo, created as a natural glowing copper orb, grounded to the islands natural stone and rugged coast, rich, serene and natural at the same time.  The island of Malta is formed as a strong, bright, metallic vessel, a powerful metropolis at the centre of the trio and then we have the delicate pearl cradle symbolising the nature of Comino containing the glossy cobalt orb that is the blue lagoon.  At the very top we have the Fanal watching over, with all the elements connected via the bronze nuggets that flow between the islands.  At the very core of the piece is a small but powerful black rock that symbolises the construction that we must all be mindful of and responsible for.

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Dimensions 68 × 28 cm






Stoneware clay fired with multiple layers