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“Let art find you” is Arthall motto’s to bring art to a wider audience that traditionally has not been included in the art scene. Arthall focused on selling and promoting contemporary art, both local and international. We want to present groundbreaking art, avant-garde, ironic and provocative in the Maltese Islands. Not just to entertain or confirm what we already know; we want to discover new horizons and possibilities; we want to be a critic of what is given to us in our society. The ultimate aim is to offer a space for the Arts: bringing creative initiatives together to enable discussion and exchange of ideas. Philosophy, music, poetry, literature and the Art in all its forms are welcome in our project in order to challenge new ways of creating, understanding, and expressing our so-called “reality”.  The Arthall director, Marta Obiols Fornell, received the Gozo’s Best Female Entrepreneur of the year 2019 Award!



Non-Fungible Tokens. Revolution or Bubble? by Sergio Muscat 3/12/2022

– Title of the talk: Non-Fungible Tokens. Revolution or Bubble? – Speaker: Sergio Muscat – Date and time: Saturday 3rd December 2022 at 7:30 pm – Venue: Arthall: 8, triq Agius de Soldanis, Victoria, Gozo – Description of the Event: Non-Fungible Tokens promised to revolutionise art, but what are they, and what’s with all the hype? This talk will give a brief and honest introduction to their history, and freely speculate on their future. – About the Speaker: Sergio Muscat is, for lack of a better summary, curious about everything. He grew up in a family of doctors, teachers, musicians...

MR. SPLIT wakes up. Friday 16 December.

– Title of the Performance: Mr. Split wakes up – Artist: Jonathan Orchard – Date and time: 16 December 2022 at 7:30 pm – Venue: Arthall: 8, triq Agius de Soldanis, Victoria, Gozo. – Description of the Event: Mr. Split wakes up is a one-man show reaching far into the soul. Is he asleep or awake? Is it all a dream? Man or mask ? Who is Mr. Split? Join us for a fun evening at Arthall. Let yourself be carried away by the magic, music and deep cogitation of this man and his imagination. -The art performance will start...

WOMAN THAT SURVIVED art performance 28/10/2022

– Title of the Performance: Woman that survived – Artist: Izabela Klara Biskupska – Date and time: 28 October 2022 at 7:30 pm – Venue: Arthall: 8, triq Agius de Soldanis, Victoria, Gozo. – Description of the Event: Woman that survived is an art performance using human body, voice, photography, video and lyrics to express the deepest feelings and emotions of a Woman. The performer will create a live painting that will be exposed to a silent auction afterwards. -The art performance will start at 7:30pm at Arthall. -The entrance fee is 8 Euro and can be purchased the same...


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ART EXHIBITION WITH FOX DANIELS, SJ FUERST, TOMAS HED. We are happy to invite you to our next exciting exhibition SOPHISTIKÓS with...

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