Welcome to “GOZO”. This time we will let the artists choose the pieces, place them and create their own installation. The participating artists are 5 Gozitan residents: Tomas Hed, Spyke von Stripe, Christian Mayer and Viktoria Marion.  Coming from different countries -Sweden, Canada and Hungary-, the artists will present the unique experience of daily Gozitan life through their own perspective. “Gozo” will focus on humor gags, characteristic behaviors and all the beauty, freedom and anarchy that one can discover on this picturesque island. It will be a celebration of Gozo singularity with paintings and sculptures. Not to be missed!


Tomas Hed, originally from Sweden, lives in Gozo, where he lets his imagination and creativity go wild. Here he has found his place to exploit his talents: composing music, writing and, of course, painting. He worked for many years as an Art Director in Stockholm, having his own studio in Gamla Stan, the old part of the city. As a seeking youth Tomas developed in an artistic atmosphere, living in a community with other artists. Tomas’ father was an artist too; therefore paint and canvases have always been around him. Always polemical, provocative and with strong opinions, it’s impossible to be indifferent to his creations. The spirit of his art is inspired by an indomitable character, with a special obsession for challenging values, or “bubbles” as he calls them, of our daily life.

Spyke von Stripe is a Canadian born artist who has gained renown for his unique works of art since moving to Gozo. He uses a number of media and techniques, and his artworks range from airbrush paintings and murals to sculptures and installations. His artworks have been displayed in numerous exhibitions in Malta and Gozo. Spyke von Stripe strives to use recycled materials in his art, giving each of his creations an outstanding expression. The artist’s genius at bringing scrap metal and mechanical parts back to life can truly be seen in his impressive sculptures, made to be admired but also to be touched and played with. It is fascinating to get close, discover moving parts and see how familiar objects have become something else.

Viktoria Marion, originally from Hungary, tries to express unique moments, as if they were captured by the lens of a camera, focused on the inside landscapes of a person. But the moments are in movement; they are flowing, maybe without any direction we can comprehend, but they have their own logic. Viktoria has had four main individual exhibitions in Budapest and featured in many other collective ones. Now she is living in Gozo, Malta, working on her new series “Coasts and Streams”. Her techniques are highly original. She rips the oil paint on canvas, like the sun and the time do with the surface of our Mediterranean soil. Married to the artist Christian Mayer, she constantly experiments in new ways of approaching the world of art.

Christian Mayer, originally Richter-Mayer, is a Hungarian artist based in the field of abstract minimalist canvas art. His grandfather Aurel Richter was a famous Hungarian fine artist. It was natural for Christian to follow the heritage of his grandfather’s art. However, an accident – in which he almost lost his right arm – put a halt to his career. It was only after meeting his wife and artist Viktoria Marion that he restarted his passion, launching his works in Budapest. One of his artworks was chosen by Volvo Hungary to be the 2018 year’s car background design in their live show. He loves to work with glow paint and experiment with new techniques. Ultimately, what he wants is to stretch the canvases on the frame in a totally different way.

– Dates: 10 May till 9 June 2019.

Venue: Arthall: 8, triq Agius de Soldanis, Victoria, Gozo.

– Opening hours:  Wednesday/ Thursday/Friday/Saturday: 10-13 and 16-18           Sunday: 10-12

– Website: arthallgozo.com

-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArtHallGozo/

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