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About the artist

Mark Xuereb is a Gozitan artist whose work prompts us to contemplate our relationship with one another and the world around us through primitive eyes. There is no set style or preferred medium, instead he allows for the idea to dictate what best suits it. Ceramics, sculpture, painting and installation art are but a few of the media chosen to express himself. This multi-faceted approach together with his willingness to experiment with non-traditional techniques ensures that his work is never stagnant and always on point.

Local artist, Mark Xuereb presents 3 sculptures which further explore the theme of anatomy and the feelings associated with the body. Continuing on his exploration of therianthrope beings (half human half animal), the human figure is merged with inanimate objects (in this case boats) to create a new life form. The boats are made of different materials (ceramics, wood and metal) to mirror the different personalities and characteristics of each individual being. Also each sculpture has a different pose mirroring these personalities. The legs are made of painted carbon fibre, showing anatomic details which give life to the boat above.