Arthall gives the floor to the English artist KEY, who expresses through sculptures and collages his discomfort with the ludicrous global situation. Pandemonium intends to target some of the absurdities of our status quo, bringing to light what the artist describes “as implicit injustices in accepting dictatorial and classist behaviours, which tends to appear throughout human history”. The aim of the exhibition is to raise questions about social control, obedience and freedom of expression, or lack of it.

*Pandemonium (n.) 1667, Pandæmonium, in “Paradise Lost” the name of the palace built in the middle of Hell, “the high capital of Satan and all his peers,” coined by John Milton (1608-1674) from Gk. pan- “all”+ L.L. daemonium “evil spirit,” from Gk. daimonion “inferior divine power,” from daimon “lesser god”. Transferred sense “place of uproar” is from 1779; that of “wild, lawless confusion” is from   1865. (


Key is a versatile English artist from Bristol that moved to Gozo some years ago to escape the break neck speed and pitfalls of city life. He works with different media. In this exhibition he mainly uses found objects to express visual ideas, shaking up standard ways of thinking . From old cages and stopped clocks to original collages plastered on the screens of retro tv’s, computers and other familiar objects of our everyday life.


I became recognised as an artist in Bristol by my peers. I have traditionally been and indeed still am reluctant to monetise my work due to the fear of compromising my artistic integrity.I have decided to leave my tranquil cave existence and exhibit my thoughts and feelings due to the excessive smell of bullshit that has been wafting through my sanctuary for the last couple of years.


From 4 March to 3 April 2022. OPENING NIGHT FRIDAY 4 MARCH at 7:30 pm.

Marta Obiols Fornell at or 77051564.

Opening hours: From Wednesday to Saturday from 10-13 and 17-19; Sunday from 10-12.

Visit: or

Address: 8, triq Agius de Soldanis, Victoria, Gozo.