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From the glory and the heights of the sublime to the misery of existing and ruining our surroundings and ourselves. We are we and our circumstance, and like the Spanish Philosopher Ortega y Gasset used to say, if we don’t save it we don’t save ourselves. Where are we heading? What is left after us?...

il-Pont jintervista lill-kittieba Marta Obiols Fornell, awtriċi ta’ Easeful Death, Horizons 2020

il- PONT l-Pont (The Bridge) is an online literary magazine originally published monthly since October 2012 by Patrick J. Sammut. Today it’s being published quarterly. It’s main language is Maltese, but poems and other material in other languages – mainly English and Italian – are regularly included too. Il-Pont is intended to bring together writers...

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