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Arthall’s statement on “Symposium. In vino veritas”

We were approached by Óscar Nieto, a Spanish artist who was visiting Gozo at the time. He had the idea of a performance art “Symposium. In vino veritas”,  and thought that our gallery, known for challenging exhibitions, would be a perfect place for it. His performance was simply to put himself naked on a table...

20th July 202220th July 2022

Malta Today – Jamie F

Jamie F: ‘My guiltiest pleasure? I have no guilt’ ​Artist Jamie F tells all in our Q&A 11 June 2022, 7:28am by Laura Calleja Artist Jamie F, from Newcastle, England, retreats to the island of Gozo, where he rediscovered his oeuvre after many barren years in the wilderness. Gozo provides him with the vital tranquillity which...

5th June 202211th June 2022

Times of Malta – Article about Jamie F exhibition

Deciphering the abstract of the Gozitan landscape A celebration of the underlying mystery that is the soul of the island of Gozo Some of Jamie F’s works on display at Arthall in Victoria. In British artist’s Jamie F’s words, “artists are the archaeo­logists of the future tense extracting meaning from the very edges of reality”....

2nd June 20222nd June 2022

Perspectives on today’s unhinged world (Tomas Hed exhibition) – Times of Malta

Online Link: Exhibition explores the ‘mud, blood and dreams’ that make a human being EntertainmentArtExhibitionGozo 21 d’abril de 2022| Joseph Agius |05 min read Elaine, Jane and Lisa Are Proud to be Good “It is a narrow mind which cannot look at a subject from various points of view.” − George Eliot An exhibition with the...

26th April 202226th April 2022

Symposium In vino veritas – standing banquet with Óscar Nieto at Arthall

Symposium In vino veritas – standing banquet with Óscar Nieto at Arthall BY GOZO NEWS · APRIL 1, 2022 Arthall is hosting an evening performance – Symposium In vino veritas – by the Spanish Artist Óscar Nieto, member of the artistic group Éskaton. (link contains flashing images). The artist is inviting the public, on Thursday, the 14th of...

14th April 202216th April 2022

Times of Malta – The Pandemonium of contemporary existence

Online Link: Assemblages can be regarded as collages in three dimensions 20 de març de 2022| Joseph Agius |05 min read Doomsday Clock “Pandemonium, the palace of Satan rises, suddenly built of the deep: the infernal peers there sit in council” – John Milton John Milton’s Paradise Lost is English artist Key’s springboard for his current exhibition hosted...

25th March 202225th March 2022

Pandemonium by Key – New Arthall exhibition in Gozo

BY GOZO NEWS · FEBRUARY 16, 2022 Permalink: Pandemonium by Key – New Arthall exhibition in Gozo   Arthall in Gozo has announced details of its next exhibition – Pandemonium by Key – with the opening night on Friday, the 4th of March at 7:30pm. The exhibition runs until the 3rd of April. Arthall said that it...

16th February 202216th February 2022
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