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Times of Malta – Between Ash and Dust by Vince Briffa

Untitled, Lichtung series. Arthall Gozo would like to announce that the series Between Ash and Dust that the artist Vince Briffa was due to show last week at Arthall is now available online. Three newly produced paintings from the series Lichtung have also been added to the collection. Vince Briffa The exhibition Between Ash and...

26th April 202026th April 2020

Gozo News – Fear by Sergio Muscat

Fear – Gozo talk and open discussion with artist Sergio Muscat Philosophy Sharing Gozo has announced its next public talk at the Arthall Gallery. It will be on Friday, the 6th of March at 7:30 pm. This time the subject is – Fear – with artist Sergio Muscat and the talk will be followed by...

6th March 202026th April 2020

Times of Malta – What’s blasphemous and what’s not

Oliver Magro A talk on blasphemy is being held in Gozo today by  Oliver Magro. Magro’s interest in the subject is purely personal and was triggered by the censorship in Malta of the play Stitching in 2009. The play by Scottish playwright Anthony Neilson explores themes of loss, grief and distrust in which a couple...

14th February 202026th April 2020

Gozo News – Are we living in a Simulation?

The first Philosophy Sharing Gozo public talk of the New Year will be – Are we living in a Simulation? – by Erin Steele. Swedish philosopher Dr. Nick Bostrom theorises that some advanced species will one day create multiple simulated realities where the creatures living in the simulations will believe they are real. Bostrom reasons...

17th January 202026th April 2020

Gozo News – Jesus Philosophies

Philosophy Sharing Gozo is inviting the public its next talk, which will be on – Jesus Philosophies – a pathfinding talk by Dr. Mark Montebello. Dr Montebello said that, “we in the west must have some kind of personal relationship with the figure of Jesus. Our civilisation disallows otherwise. “However, the relationship of each and...

6th December 201926th April 2020

Times of Malta – Art and your interiors

Philosphy Talk Vera Sant Fournier (picture) will be discussing art and how it relates to interiors in Philosophy Sharing’s talk for the month of November tomorrow. Give Sant Fournier an empty room and in no time she will turn it into an explosion of colours and ideas. Many concur that she is one of the best interior...

14th November 201926th April 2020

Review by art writer Karin Grech

Sophistikós at ARThALL Victoria Gozo November 12, 2019 Karin Grech, A lively gallery scene has developed in Gozo over the last few years. New exhibition spaces are springing up all over the island and every weekend sees at least one or two exhibition openings.  One of the privately run venues is Arthall, a bright...

13th November 201913th November 2019

Times of Malta – Sophistikós, a feast of femininity by Esther Lafferty

Sophistikós, a feast of femininity ExhibitionArt Sat, Nov 2nd 2019, 13:30 Last updated 3 days, 1 hour ago This month, the contemporary Victoria gallery Arthall Gozo presents Sophistikós, a vibrant and thought-provoking exhibition of colourful women underpinned with wit, wisdom and wow-factor, reviewed by art journalist and writer Esther Lafferty. The exhibition includes the work of...

3rd November 20196th November 2019

Times of Malta – Vietnam art talk in Gozo

Link: Vietnam art talk in Gozo LifestyleExhibitionGozo 1 days ago|0 FacebookTwitterEmail A talk about Vietnamese art will be held on September 15 at 7.30pm at Arthall in Victoria. Art is taken very seriously in Vietnam. This can be attributed to the country’s ancient traditions, the infusion of the French love for art and the artistic...

8th September 20198th September 2019
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