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Times of Malta – Gozo through the eyes of foreign residents

Thursday, June 6, 2019, 08:41 Gozo through the eyes of foreign residents Smells, sounds, the ferry, tunnel, keep out, birds in danger of extinction, steel jungle, festa, landscapes, churches, bells, pastizzi, hop on hop off, keys, home, beauty, anarchy, opera, culture, money under the mattress… All this is what four foreign artists residents in Gozo...

6th June 20196th June 2019

Times of Malta – Imperfect and Incomplete Beauty

Link to the new: The Japanese aesthetic concept of Wabi-Sabi ‒ beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete ‒ is the theme of an exhibition of the same name being organised by Arthall in collaboration with the international pop-up gallery Spright-Art. The artists are displaying sculptures, collages and paintings made with found objects and original mixed...

25th April 201925th April 2019

52: Artistic cravings with a twist by Esther Lafferty In Victoria’s ArtHall, a wonderful airy white gallery space with bright blue doors and windows just steps from it-Tokk, this month as part of an exhibition ‘Erotic Cravings’ (runs until 7th April), there’s a large painting by Tomas Hed inspired by the Greek myth of Leda and the...

12th March 201913th March 2019

Gozo News

Erotic Cravings: Exhibition featuring 3 artists opens at Arthall in Gozo BY GOZO NEWS · MARCH 9, 2019 The opening of Erotic Cravings – was held on Friday evening in Arthall, Victoria, Gozo, featuring paintings and sculptures. The gallery thanked everyone that attended, describing it as “a night of beauty, sensuality, eroticism and imagination with three great...

9th March 201913th March 2019

Times of Malta – Craving for sensual beauty

Craving for sensual beauty A collective art exhibition by three Gozo-based artists – Penny Foster, Mark Xuereb and Tomas Hed – entitled Erotic Cravings, opens today, at Arthall, 8, Agius de Soldanis Street, Victoria, and runs until April 7. The exhibits all aim to awaken visitors’ sensuality; presenting beauty as a craving that even the...

8th March 201913th March 2019

7 MARCH 2019/CULTURE by Francesca Farrugia In Search of Cultural Inspiration in Gozo Spring Brings New Cultural Events to the Sister Isle! As the curtain falls on this year’s edition of the multi-hued celebration that is Carnival and the weather gets warmer and brighter, people’s thoughts surrounding weekend or short breaks turn more and more...

7th March 201913th March 2019
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