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Times of Malta – A side of Vietnam often overlooked

Link: A side of Vietnam often overlooked An exhibition focusing on modern and contemporary art and crafts from Vietnam will be opening on Friday at 7.30pm at Arthall in Victoria. The artworks, including lacquerware, stone carvings, pottery and figurative art paintings, showcase Vietnam’s rich artistic culture and particularly focus on Vietnamese art in the...

8th September 20198th September 2019

“Little talk” short film by Intan Galistri

SUNDAY 9 JUNE at 7:30pm. Arthall presents an exclusive video about artistic life in Gozo produced by contemporary artist Intan Galistri from Indonesia. “Little talk” is a project that features 5 artists living in Gozo and in Malta with different backgrounds: dance, street art, painting and sculpture. The participating artists are: Catherine Gauci, Tomas Hed,...

9th June 201911th November 2019

A sobering reflection of a young British Soldier

FRIDAY 7 JUNE at 7:30 pm Steve Smith born in England, engaged at the age of 16 as a soldier and took part in different war conflicts till the age of 30. After all these war experiences, the symptoms of posttraumatic stress began to surface in him. During the talk, he will share with us...

7th June 201915th June 2019

Times of Malta – Gozo through the eyes of foreign residents

Thursday, June 6, 2019, 08:41 Gozo through the eyes of foreign residents Smells, sounds, the ferry, tunnel, keep out, birds in danger of extinction, steel jungle, festa, landscapes, churches, bells, pastizzi, hop on hop off, keys, home, beauty, anarchy, opera, culture, money under the mattress… All this is what four foreign artists residents in Gozo...

6th June 20196th June 2019

Meet Tomas & Spyke

SUNDAY 26 MAY, 7:30pm: Tomas Hed and Spyke Von Stripe will guide you through the GOZO exhibition and explain their artworks and thoughts.  

26th May 201911th November 2019

The Transience of Love

FRIDAY 3 MAY, 7:30pm at Arthall. “Is everything we see, feel or touch or know in transience? Will everything we care about eventually be gone? Will our “I love your for ever afters” come to an end? Dissolve into meaninglessness and disappear with the dust. Or…, perhaps…., is love the one thing that will escape...

3rd May 201923rd May 2019

Times of Malta – Imperfect and Incomplete Beauty

Link to the new: The Japanese aesthetic concept of Wabi-Sabi ‒ beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete ‒ is the theme of an exhibition of the same name being organised by Arthall in collaboration with the international pop-up gallery Spright-Art. The artists are displaying sculptures, collages and paintings made with found objects and original mixed...

25th April 201925th April 2019