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ART TALK with Vera Sant Fournier

FRIDAY 15th November, 7:30 pm at Arthall. Our next Philosophy Sharing talk at Arthall, will be this FRIDAY 15th November at 7:30pm. This time, Vera Sant Fournier will discuss with us Art & How it relates to your interiors.    “Give Vera Sant Fournier an empty room and in no time she will turn it into an explosion of...

15th November 20194th June 2021

Times of Malta – Art and your interiors

Philosphy Talk Vera Sant Fournier (picture) will be discussing art and how it relates to interiors in Philosophy Sharing’s talk for the month of November tomorrow. Give Sant Fournier an empty room and in no time she will turn it into an explosion of colours and ideas. Many concur that she is one of the best interior...

14th November 201926th April 2020

Review by art writer Karin Grech

Sophistikós at ARThALL Victoria Gozo November 12, 2019 Karin Grech, A lively gallery scene has developed in Gozo over the last few years. New exhibition spaces are springing up all over the island and every weekend sees at least one or two exhibition openings.  One of the privately run venues is Arthall, a bright...

13th November 201913th November 2019

Times of Malta – Sophistikós, a feast of femininity by Esther Lafferty

Sophistikós, a feast of femininity ExhibitionArt Sat, Nov 2nd 2019, 13:30 Last updated 3 days, 1 hour ago This month, the contemporary Victoria gallery Arthall Gozo presents Sophistikós, a vibrant and thought-provoking exhibition of colourful women underpinned with wit, wisdom and wow-factor, reviewed by art journalist and writer Esther Lafferty. The exhibition includes the work of...

3rd November 20196th November 2019

Meet the Artists: Fox Daniels, SJ Fuerst and Tomas Hed

On Friday 1st November at 7:30 pm at Arthall, we will have the opportunity to meet the artists of our ongoing Exhibition “Sophistikós”. Fox Daniels, SJ Fuerst and Tomas Hed will explain the pieces they have on display in the gallery, and share with us their points of view and ideas about “what is art?”...

1st November 20194th June 2021