Mark Xuereb – Walker

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This sculpture started off in Peru, whilst on a residency @sachaqacentrodearte There I assembled the front wooden wheelbarrow “thing”, made from reclaimed wood from the Amazon jungle. The head of the figure at the front is made from the Ayahuasca vine, from which a special hallucinogenic brew is produced & consumed by the local indiginous people and which inspired this work.
The main figure itself is made usìng unglazed ceramics, adorned with natural Sicilian red ochre and a mixture of charcoal and ink for the black. The base is solid oak, varnished.
This sculpture to me signifies the wisdom of ancestral peoples from around the world & their closeness to nature. This notion is further reinforced by the 3 live cacti planted along the base, making this sculpture a truly organic living specimen. Mark Xuereb, artist.



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Dimensions 32 × 37 × 32 cm






ceramics, live flora, wood, red ochre, chalk, charcoal.