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“Little talk” short film by Intan Galistri

Link: SUNDAY 9 JUNE at 7:30pm. Arthall presents an exclusive video about artistic life in Gozo produced by contemporary artist Intan Galistri from Indonesia. “Little talk” is a project that features 5 artists living in Gozo and in Malta with different backgrounds: dance, street art, painting and sculpture. The participating artists are: Catherine Gauci,...

9th June 201910th June 2021

A sobering reflection of a young British Soldier

FRIDAY 7 JUNE at 7:30 pm Steve Smith born in England, engaged at the age of 16 as a soldier and took part in different war conflicts till the age of 30. After all these war experiences, the symptoms of posttraumatic stress began to surface in him. During the talk, he will share with us...

7th June 201915th June 2019

Times of Malta – Gozo through the eyes of foreign residents

Thursday, June 6, 2019, 08:41 Gozo through the eyes of foreign residents Smells, sounds, the ferry, tunnel, keep out, birds in danger of extinction, steel jungle, festa, landscapes, churches, bells, pastizzi, hop on hop off, keys, home, beauty, anarchy, opera, culture, money under the mattress… All this is what four foreign artists residents in Gozo...

6th June 20196th June 2019

Gozo Business Award

Dear all, Yesterday during the Gozo Business Award we received a Certificate of achievement awarded in recognition for setting organisational standard for Excellence and Outstanding Achievement for  “Gozo’s Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year”. We are very pleased about it because it encourages us to continue and develop. We also  feel appreciated for the job...

1st June 201910th June 2021