“Little talk” short film by Intan Galistri

Link: https://youtu.be/-XXOOM6EwYw

SUNDAY 9 JUNE at 7:30pm. Arthall presents an exclusive video about artistic life in Gozo produced by contemporary artist Intan Galistri from Indonesia.

“Little talk” is a project that features 5 artists living in Gozo and in Malta with different backgrounds: dance, street art, painting and sculpture. The participating artists are: Catherine Gauci, Tomas Hed, Spyke von Stripe, Farina and Margit Kuffemann. It also includes the perspective of one gallery owner, Marta Obiols Fornell from Arthall. In the video Intan Galistri interview them in their surroundings and during a pleasent conversation they all talk about the concept of art, their own experience in the field, their own reasons for having this life style, etc.

Intan Galistri manages to gather a unique documentary about the growing artistic reality on the Island and contributes towards the awareness of this phenomenon in Gozo. In the way she approaches the people interviewed, with great respect and open attitude, Intan achieves a sincere and relaxed response from the artists.

If you want to know what’s going on in Gozo related to art, you really should watch it.

Meanwhile you can visit Intan Galistri at: