Times of Malta – Gozo through the eyes of foreign residents

Gozo through the eyes of foreign residents

Smells, sounds, the ferry, tunnel, keep out, birds in danger of extinction, steel jungle, festa, landscapes, churches, bells, pastizzi, hop on hop off, keys, home, beauty, anarchy, opera, culture, money under the mattress…

All this is what four foreign artists residents in Gozo see and experience in Gozo and are exhibiting in Ozog at Arthall in Victoria.

Tomas Hed from Sweden, Spyke von Stripe from Canada, Christian Mayer and Viktoria Marion from Hungary prepared this collective exhibition trying to catch the singularity of Gozo, which all the beauty and particularities.

The artists prepared installations with stones, music, videos and also sculptures and paintings.

Ozog runs at Arthall, 8, Triq Agius de Soldanis, Victoria until Sunday. It is open between Wednesday and Saturday from 10am to 1pm and from 4 to 6pm and on Sunday from 10am to noon.