/CULTURE by Francesca Farrugia

In Search of Cultural Inspiration in Gozo

Spring Brings New Cultural Events to the Sister Isle!

As the curtain falls on this year’s edition of the multi-hued celebration that is Carnival and the weather gets warmer and brighter, people’s thoughts surrounding weekend or short breaks turn more and more towards Gozo. Even though it may start to get extremely busy around this time, the island’s relatively pristine environment ensures that there always more than a few corners of the place where you can feel as if you have your own little paradise to yourself. And on the days that you’d rather do something other than enjoy nature? Well, that’s where our advice comes in!

(1) Erotic Cravings – art exhibition held at the Arthall, 8, Triq Agius Soldanis, Victoria, from the 8th of March till the 7th of April 2019. The sense of the aesthetic that imbues pieces of art hinges on the notion that art asks questions about beauty – what it is, where it can be found and what forms it can take. This exhibition documents and presents three varied manifestations of the search for beauty. The first, appearing in a series of monochrome nudes by Penny Foster, explores the dark/ light dichotomy arising when blackness envelopes the contours of the female form, bathing its corners in a kind of shadowy luminosity.

One of Penny Foster’s pieces, which play on darkness and light

Tomas Hed’s contribution to this exhibition consists of a re-imagining of the amorous encounter in mythology between the maiden Leda and the deity of deities, Zeus, in animal form transformed into the beast often referred to as the epitome of exquisite elegance – namely, the swan. Finally, Mark Xuereb’s sculptures bridge the world between the splendour residing in the human anatomy and the wonder attributed to the inanimate objects that act as vessels for the Mediterranean sea surrounding the islands – in other words, boats. Each piece is figured using carbon fibre to depict the boats’ ‘legs’, with other materials representing the varying characteristics of each hybrid being.

Mark Xuereb’s mythology of half human, half boats

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