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Times of Malta – Marta Obiols Fornell’s “Easeful Death” book review by Patrick Sammut

Link: Easeful Death written by Marta Obiols Fornell and translated by Mark Montebello, is available from Horizons Easeful Death is a short novel, or rather a long narration, of a little over 70 pages, with a preface by the translator himself, Fr Mark Montebello. The title of the book references a verse from the...

24th November 202024th November 2020

Times of Malta – Liquid life and liquid death

Online Link: Liquid life and death 25/10/2020   It’s a Something by Heiko Jörges. Right: Confuso by Heiko Jörges. Thrown into a world where there are no longer ‘solid’ values, where everything changes constantly before it’s even consolidated, it looks like the only way to keep going is to keep moving. Gozo’s Arthall presents...

25th October 202025th October 2020

ArtPaper – Out of Time

OUT OF TIME by Marta Obiols Fornell. Link:  

18th October 202019th January 2022

Gozo News – Liquid Art

Link: Liquid Art at Arthall with Luca Indraccolo, Heiko Jörges and Tomas Hed BY GOZO NEWS · OCTOBER 12, 2020 Arthall Gozo is presenting its next exhibition – Liquid Art – with participating artists, Luca Indraccolo, Heiko Jörges and Tomas Hed. Arthall said that, “Liquidity” means in this exhibition that there are “no holy values to...

12th October 202012th October 2020

Times of Malta – Out of Time and out of synch

Link: Out of Time and out of synch by Joseph Agius Untitled 3, from the Lichtung Series “I’m not a painter, I’m not a sculptor, I’m not a film-maker, I produce work” – Vince Briffa. Traditionally, the objective of an art exhibition is for the artist to document the last months or years of...

9th October 20209th October 2020

Times of Malta – I am not a painter

Online Link: https: // ‘I am not a painter’ 6 de setembre de 2020 Necropolis A new exhibition by artist Vince Briffa will open this week at Arthall, Gozo. Out of Time presents a collection of works on paper and mixed-media paintings selected from the last 10 years of the artist’s studio production, including work...

7th September 20207th September 2020

Times of Malta – Of drunken fish and hedgehog goulash

Online Link: Of drunken fish and hedgehog goulash Impossible Woman by Tomas Hed. Right: Newborn by Stiefnu De Battista. The latest exhibition at Arthall in Gozo opened successfully on July 10, with intriguing paintings and original sculptures by participating artists Tomas Hed from Sweden, Harrison Levi from South Africa and Stiefnu De Battista from...

28th July 202028th July 2020