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Liquid life and death



It’s a Something by Heiko Jörges. Right: Confuso by Heiko Jörges.It’s a Something by Heiko Jörges. Right: Confuso by Heiko Jörges.

Thrown into a world where there are no longer ‘solid’ values, where everything changes constantly before it’s even consolidated, it looks like the only way to keep going is to keep moving. Gozo’s Arthall presents Liquid Art, a joint exhibition with artists Luca Indraccolo, Heiko Jörges and Tomas Hed.


SMF•55•15•29•35 by Luca IndraccoloSMF•55•15•29•35 by Luca Indraccolo


In his book Liquid Life, Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman claims that “Unlike the preceding era of ‘solid’ modernity living towards ‘eternity’ (shorthand for a state of perpetual, monotonous and irrevocable sameness), liquid modernity sets itself no objective and draws no finishing line; more precisely, it assigns the quality of permanence solely to the state of transience. Time flows, it no longer ‘marches on’.”

In this exhibition, ‘liquidity’ means that there are no holy values to respect, life and death are mixed indistinctly and time is not linear any more. The concept defines a culture of discontinuity that requires constant replacement and generates large amounts of rubbish.


This is Crap by Tomas HedThis is Crap by Tomas Hed



This is Curated by Tomas HedThis is Curated by Tomas Hed



SMF•85•34•48•81 by Luca IndraccoloSMF•85•34•48•81 by Luca Indraccolo


All these ideas are expressed in the Liquid Art exhibition in different ways. Luca Indraccolo participates with two paintings where life and death coexist hand in hand as they do in COVID-19 times. Heiko Jörges creates unusual figures sculpted with ephemeral materials and all sorts of found objects. And Tomas Hed focuses on the art that makes no references to dogmas.

The exhibition will open on Friday October 30 during regular opening times. However, after 7pm, Swedish musician Lars Lundgren will be playing improvised ‘liquid’ music at Arthall.




Luca Indraccolo

Luca Indraccolo was born in Naples and left Italy at the age of 19 to start his advertising career, ending up as a creative director for Saatchi & Saatchi in London. His work led him to live in several countries, including Germany, England and the US, where he began his training in drawing. Realising that fine art was his true calling, he moved first to Florence to pursue his academic training, then to London and, most recently, to Malta where he is based working as a painter.



Heiko Jörges

Heiko Jörges is a multifaceted, innovative and original artist with a very peculiar point of view on reality. He is German but  has lived in different countries, constantly learning and developing his talents. He has worked in different fields and has been a lawyer, translator, actor, writer and photographer, all of which gives a great richness to his works.



Tomas Hed

Tomas Hed is from Sweden and lives in Gozo, where he lets his imagination and creativity go wild. Here he has found a place to exploit his talents: composing music, writing and, of course, painting. He worked for many years as an art director in Stockholm, having his own studio in Gamla Stan, the old part of the city. His is an indomitable character, with a special obsession for challenging values or “bubbles”, as he calls them, of our daily life.

Liquid Art runs from October 30 until November 29 at Arthall Gozo, 8, Triq Agius de Soldanis, Victoria, Gozo. Opening hours are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10am till 1pm, 5pm till 7pm and Sundays 10am till noon. Monday and Tuesday the gallery is closed. For information visit arthallgozo.com or contact Marta Obiols Fornell at arthallgozo@gmail.com