About us

Arthall is a gallery for contemporary and modern art. Located in the heart of Victoria, Gozo, we aim to promote groundbreaking, avant-garde, ironic and provocative art in the Maltese Islands. Come and enjoy our multifaceted exhibitions with local and international artists. We also offer a wide variety of artworks and prices in our catalogue. Let art find you.


Reading at Arthall

Philosophy Sharing Gozo’s next activity will be a reading by Heiko Jörges from `The Baron in the Trees’ a 1957 novel by Italian writer Italo Calvino, which will be followed by a discussion. The book tells the adventures of a boy who climbs up a tree to spend the rest of his life inhabiting an arboreal kingdom. A new version of the novel was published in 1959. This event is open to anyone who wishes to participate.Entrance is free, and no reservations are required. The activity will be at Arthall, Victoria, Gozo.

Experimental Filming

On 12 January 2019, Arthall will show the experimental films of Heiko Jörges, who originally comes from Germany and has been working as a lawyer, translator, actor, photographer… Always trying to reach beyond what we could call “normal” or “establish”, his unique point of view might drive you nuts – or not. He will also perform some live music. In the inner room of Arthall, the video clips of Clown Room will be projected. Clown Room is a musical project driven by Tomas Hed and Lars Lundgren, two Swedish artists living Gozo. They will show some of their rock videos,...

Night With The Artist

On Saturday night, 11 August, Tomas Hed was on hand to talk about his paintings from the Perspectives exhibition. The artist said that in his work he is presenting different ways of being in the world, pointing out the genuine characters’ views in his creations. 


Recent artworks