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“Let art find you” is Arthall motto’s to bring art to a wider audience that traditionally has not been included in the art scene. Arthall focused on selling and promoting contemporary and modern art, both local and international. We want to present groundbreaking art, avant-garde, ironic and provocative in the Maltese Islands. Not just to entertain or confirm what we already know; we want to discover new horizons and possibilities; we want to be a critic of what is given to us in our society. The ultimate aim is to offer a space for the Arts: bringing creative initiatives together to enable discussion and exchange of ideas. Philosophy, music, poetry, literature and the Art in all its forms are welcome in our project in order to challenge new ways of creating, understanding, and expressing our so-called “reality”.  The Arthall director, Marta Obiols Fornell, received the Gozo’s Best Female Entrepreneur of the year 2019 Award!



On the Concept of being an Uncle

Saturday 5 October, 7:30pm at Arthall On the Concept of being an Uncle with Philosophy Sharing Gozo BY GOZO NEWS · SEPTEMBER 21, 2019 Philosophy Sharing Gozo is back next month following the summer break with the first public talk of the autumn. On the Concept of being an Uncle – is the subject of the talk, during which Matthew Saliba will explain this original concept of being an uncle – in this context meaning “a person who is in the hands of others, emotionally dependent and not autonomous; a person who sacrifices to serve the others, but paying a high price...

Vietnam Art TALK

VIETNAM ART TALK, Sunday 15 September, 7:30pm at Arthall Gozo Art is taken very seriously in Vietnam. This can be attributed to Vietnam’s ancient traditions, the infusion of the French love for art, and the artistic inclination of the Vietnamese people. Hanoi’s Academy of Fine Arts was founded in 1925 as “École Supérieure des Beaux Arts de l’Indochine” when Vietnam was a colony of France. During the war and after the unification in 1976, artists mainly produced works of socialist realism, painting revolutionary heroes, propaganda posters or idyllic scenes of life under communism. This changed after the Government introduced its “Doi Moi”...

“Little talk” short film by Intan Galistri

Link: SUNDAY 9 JUNE at 7:30pm. Arthall presents an exclusive video about artistic life in Gozo produced by contemporary artist Intan Galistri from Indonesia. “Little talk” is a project that features 5 artists living in Gozo and in Malta with different backgrounds: dance, street art, painting and sculpture. The participating artists are: Catherine Gauci, Tomas Hed, Spyke von Stripe, Farina and Margit Kuffemann. It also includes the perspective of one gallery owner, Marta Obiols Fornell from Arthall. In the video Intan Galistri interview them in their surroundings and during a pleasent conversation they all talk about the concept of...


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ART EXHIBITION WITH FOX DANIELS, SJ FUERST, TOMAS HED. We are happy to invite you to our next exciting exhibition SOPHISTIKÓS with...

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