Are we living in a Simulation? By Erin Steele

Friday 17 January, 7:30 pm at Arthall “Are we living in a Simulation?” by Erin Steele. Free Entrance.

About the Talk
Swedish philosopher Dr. Nick Bostrom theorizes that some advanced species will one day create multiple simulated realities where the creatures living in the simulations will believe they are real.
Bostrom reasons that we humans may not be that origin species though, and that theoretically, we could already be living in one of many simulations.
The question is: how could you tell?
In the talk “Are We Living in a Simulation?” we will explore some of the philosophical questions surrounding simulation theory posed by Nick Bostrum, as well as economist Robin Hanson, theoretical physicist Sean Carroll, existential cartoonist Scott Adams, and science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.

About Erin Steele
Erin Steele is an entrepreneur and risk management specialist who has spent 15 years working in conflict and post-conflict zones around the world. Her work frequently takes her to danger zones such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, and South Sudan where she helps her clients to work safely and effectively in these volatile areas. When not in harm’s way, she enjoys a peaceful lifestyle in Gozo, where she can kick back with a glass of wine (or two) and try to make sense of it all.