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64a, Flat 1: Art Exhibition Inspired By Gozo And Curated In A Flat In The Sister-Island Will Debut This October

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Artists Burlὸ and Lydia Cecil found themselves living in a quaint flat in Xagħra amid the turbulent and unforeseen events of 2020, and like most during the pandemic, their home doubled as their workspace where they created pieces inspired by Gozo.

“For Burlὸ and Lydia, 64a Flat 1 became the site that collated their separate and complementary interpretations of Gozo,” the two artists said in a Facebook post about the event.

They set up a studio in their flat 64a that overlooked Marsalforn valley and watched it gradually turn greener as autumn morphed into winter.


Photo taken from the event page on Facebook

Photo taken from the event page on Facebook

Prior to the pandemic, Cecil primarily worked on figurative oil paintings which took her from London to Florence to Samoa where she painted on location.

However, social distancing rules led to a deprivation of live models so she turned to photography to get her figurative references instead.

“This opened new opportunities for capturing people in candid and unscripted moments,” the post said.

Cecil painted sensitive portrayals of Gozitans from the viewpoint of the “unseen observer” using her “spontaneous imagery” as reference points.

Meanwhile, Burlὸ, who is best known for his political cartoons, dropped the ink and pen and adopted brushes and oils.

His body of work, however, still perpetuates his brand of social commentary derived from his personal experiences on the domestically loved sister island.

The pair have impressive portfolios and experience, each graduating from University in courses other than art.

Cecil graduated in History from the esteemed University of Edinburgh and then trained at the London Atelier of Representational Art. She is now an artist in residence for the New Generation Festival and for the Tiapapata Art Centre, while also being a contributing tutor to Raw Umber Studios.

Figurative oil painting by Cecil

Figurative oil painting by Cecil

Burlὸ, whose full name is Seb Tanti Burlὸ, graduated with a degree in Architecture and Urban Studies from the University of Westminster. His work, which combines current affairs, art and writing features weekly in the Times of Malta.

'A Sunny Place For Shady People' a political cartoon by Burlὸ published on the Times Of Malta

‘A Sunny Place For Shady People’ a political cartoon by Burlὸ published on the Times Of Malta

The exhibition will debut on 1st October and end on the 31st. Meanwhile, it will be taking place at Art Hall Gozo.

Will you be showing up to see the works of these talents at this cultural exhibition?